J. Daniel Subías 😁

J. Daniel Subías

PhD Candidate in Computer Graphics

GILab | UZ

I’m a first-year PhD candidate in Computer Graphics at the Graphics & Imaging Lab (Universidad de Zaragoza, Spain), under the supervision of Prof. Ana Serrano and Prof. Diego Gutierrez. I have a BSc degree in Computer Science from Universidad de Zaragoza. I obtained my MSc degree in Applied and Theorical Mathematics at Universidad Politécnica de Valencia. My research topics are visual appearance, material perception and deep learning, but I’m open to explore other related fields such as computer vision.

Education and Scholarships

PhD Scholarship
MSc in Applied and Theorical Mathematics
Endomapper’s Research Scholarship
BSc in Computer Science


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Research Experience

Graphics & Imaging Lab
PhD Student
December 2022 – Present Zaragoza, Spain
Graphics & Imaging Lab
Researcher Assistant
September 2022 – December 2022 Zaragoza, Spain
Prior to my PhD, I was researching intuitive visual appearance editing, from real-world datasets using deep learning techniques, at the Graphics & Imaging Lab.
Researcher Assistant
March 2021 – July 2021 Zaragoza, Spain
As end-degree project, I received a grant to research on Structure from Motion (SfM) and Multi-view Stereo using colonoscopy videos under the supervision of Prof. José María Martínez Montiel.
Software Engineering
July 2020 – August 2020 Zaragoza, Spain
During my internship at Bitbrain, I developed an accurate binary classifier to automate clasificaion of encephalographic signals.


3D Modeling of the Colon from Real Colonoscopies using Multiview Geometry.
An efficient and accurate COLMAP-based software to compute the 3D trajectory and camera position from colonoscopy videos. See the report (spa) for additional details.
3D Modeling of the Colon from Real Colonoscopies using Multiview Geometry.
Path Tracer and Tone Mapper
A Path Tracer, which solves the rendering equation using Monte Carlo and Importance Sampling, and a Tone Mapper, capable of converting the high dynamic range images generated by the Path Tracer (with a modified PPM format) into standard PPM images that can be displayed.
Path Tracer and Tone Mapper


Virtual Reality
Master level
Computer Graphics
Bachelor level